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When I posted this, Matt Murtagh (who knows about such things) said it “looks like something out of the Photo Secession” which, since I am one who doesn’t know about such things, meant nothing to me. So I looked it up. Proponents of Pictorialism, which was the underlying value of the Photo-Secession, argued that photography [...]

All change

I was on the top floor of the Sainsbury’s car park in Kings Heath a few days before Christmas. A planned walk home had been scuttled by the discovery of some possibly perfect frames in Poundland and I was waiting for Fiona to finish her doings so I could cadge a lift. The sun was [...]

Splitting Nikki in three

Friday night saw me in a pub with friends. I had been intending to get some TTV shots around the city but, y’know, pub, friends… Still, after a few beers I broke out the contraption and blinded a few people with the flash gun. Here’s my favourite: A portrait of Ms Nikki Pugh (artist) taken [...]

Sucking the brains out of our youth

I haven’t managed to process my photos from the Sunn O))) / OM gig last week to my satisfaction (Katja, on the other hand, got hers up in hours) but this one is ready to share. It’s of a couple of lads in the front row during OM’s steady and throbbing set. The chap in [...]

Introducing the Demi TTV

When I originally built the TTV contraption I fixed the digital camera to the cardboard using electrical tape, as shown in this photo from 2007: This is actually counter to how most TTV-ers work. The common approach is to leave the contraption open and place your every day camera in the hole (as in this [...]

That Painterly Thing

Never been that sure what “painterly” really means, other than “a bit like a painting” but it’s probably the closest descriptive term for this sort of thing. Another term would be “rescuing an out of focus photo by ramping up the contrast to an absurd degree” but as long as the effect is pleasing who [...]

Helter Skelter

Sometimes you post a photo onto the Internet and, while you can’t be sure, you have a pretty good feeling it’s going to resonate with a few people out there. This evening I posted this, taken at the Kings Heath Xmas fair, and added it to a few of the usual suspect Flickr groups: And [...]

Two Tyches

This morning I went out to the local park and four photos of a tree which I turned into this: And then this evening, cycling back home from Digbeth, I paused on the junction with Birmingham’s Middleway ring road to shoot this: (Better bigger) I’ve been thinking more about making grids and polyptychs of late, [...]


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