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Up the Lickeys

Yesterday we went to the Lickey Hills, South Birmingham’s defacto garden, for a bit of a photo walk as the sun set. I’m still processing the photos but have released three shots of kite fliers. Here’s one: I was taking some photos of Fiona and she sneaked a shot back, so here’s me with the [...]

Dive into commerce

As I said on my personal blog, Created in Birmingham is getting a shop unit in the Bull Ring, probably opening late next month and I’m going to be working there. This also means that amongst other lovely objects that were (drumroll) created in Birmingham my TTV prints will be on display and on sale. [...]

Who owns street art anyway?

I’ve been taking a few photos of graffiti in Digbeth recently. There are two specific pieces I’ve been using as a subject - the mural at the rear of The Rainbow Warehouse on Adderley St and Mission Print’s building on the corner of Fazeley St and Andover St. In both I’ve zoomed in on the [...]

Physical Prints

Been getting a few deliveries lately, which is nice as it means I have things to send back out again. Here’s a couple of cameraphone snaps: The other night I put together the second batch of 5×5 framed prints. These will be joining their brethren in the shop as soon as I write up their [...]

TTV Twitter Plans

A few months back, when I was messing about with the notion of doing what I’m doing now, I set up Tumblr blog to pump out a TTV picture every day. This was hooked up to a Twitter account and an email subscription service for no other reason than I could do so really easily. [...]

Flyposted print

A new limited edition print is the shop: This is a montage of six images taken at the end of a shoot in Digbeth yesterday. I was out on the hunt for graffiti, which is not hard in Digbeth but I was really looking for interesting details that would work well as TTV prints, along [...]


Markets in March

The internet is only one way of getting my work seen by people. I also need to get out there and put it in front of people’s faces and in doing that I’m hoping to apply some of the online lessons to make things smoother. How exactly, will have to be seen but I know [...]

Inside the contraption

The purpose of the contraption is mostly two-fold: to steady the digital camera and to keep light from reflecting off the bubble glass. While this helps create crisp images it does mean the top of the Duaflex (or similar) is unseen which is a bit of a shame as it’s aesthetically rather interesting. I’m currently [...]

A few of my favourites

When I see a photo I like on Flickr I click on the star above it and mark it as a Favourite. I do this partly to tell the photographer I like what they did there without actually saying “I like what you did there” but also so I have a record of the photos [...]

The problematic depth of fields

Why are the corners of these two TTV photos taken with identical equipment so different? This post is a little technical so if you’re only interested in the pretty pictures you might want to skip it. If you’re interested in how the pretty pictures get made then read on. In December I switched cameras for [...]

Why I’m giving my originals away

Here’s the headline: As part of my plan to make lots of money from my photographs I’m encouraging you to download high resolution versions of my TTV photos to make cool things with them and I don’t mind if you pay me or not. There’s a new section in my shop: Roll your own. That [...]

Highbury prints are in

The Highbury Park Snow Grid prints arrived today and very lovely they look too. If you’ve ordered one it’ll be dispatched just as soon as I acquire some cardboard tubes… Meanwhile, here’s some pics (taken with my phone so excuse the grain)

Wolverhampton Camera Fair

If you’re curious about this dark art of taking photos trough the viewfinder of other photos or are simply interested in old photographic equipment, and you live in the West Midlands, you’ll probably benefit from a visit to the Wolverhampton Camera Fair. I haven’t been since 2006 which is a travesty I hope to rectify [...]

The Rest House

The other day I had to go to the Post Office to collect a parcel (containing this beastie, but more on that later…) and since the snow was still impressive took a detour via Bournville, Birmingham’s model village built from scratch by the Cadbury family to house their workers. A few years back I was [...]

Framed prints are here

Last night I put framed up the first batch of 5×5″ prints ready to sell… … which meant today was spent knocking the online shop into shape. Here’s how it works: The TTV Shop lists everything I have in stock. Unless there’s a sudden run on an item I should be able to get these [...]

My first print

I’m delighted to announce my first limited edition TTV print is available to order. Order it here / View larger / Comment and fave on Flickr It’s the result of spending Wednesday morning in Highbury Park with Matt Murtagh who was out with his Hasselblad shooting the snow before it got mussed up by the [...]

Highbury Park Snow Grid

Dogpool Quadtych

Starting a club

[Update: I'm mothballing this idea for a bit. Interest has been slight and I think I need to build up my offer a bit beforehand. Which is something of a catch 22. Ah well. ] I’m setting up a TTV club. For £100 a year you can get exclusive items (not just prints), special offers [...]

Thinking about t-shirts

So I’ve been thinking, what other things can I sell related to my TTV photography? After all, it’s unlikely most people will want more than one or two of my framed prints in their houses. One of the things I want to use this blog for is to build up an audience of people who [...]

Testing the tilt thing

Continuing from last night I took some more photos from the Supersonic Festival and spun them around a bit. See what you think. And I also did this one, previously rejected because the camera had slipped and cropped the top of the square. It’s getting further away from pure TTV than I’d like but it’s [...]

Tilting Squares into Rectangles

When I sell TTV images I want to have a range available. The current plan, and don’t hold me to this, is some very large montages for £100 and above, some nicely framed prints for £20-30 and some budget entry-level pieces for a fiver, aimed squarely at the casual browsers at the market stalls. The [...]


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