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Cold Cave

I’m picking out photos from the vaults for a few days while the Created in Birmingham shop takes up my time. Here’s a photo of a member of Cold Cave taken at a Capsule gig last year. Cold Cave are noteworthy for me because they’re the first band to use my TTV photos on their [...]

How I feel

Right now I’m in the middle of running the Created in Birmingham shop in the Bullring which is quite insane, truth me told, leaving me feeling a little like the poor creature at the end of the day. My 5″ framed prints are on sale there, so come and buy them please - but mostly [...]

Curzon Street Station

On Saturday, after doing a job at Birmingham’s millennial white elephant (every city must have at least one) Millennium Point I noticed the late afternoon sun was setting over a lovely blue sky and Curzon Street Station was basking it in. So I rattled off a few shots. Here’s the three that made the cut. [...]

Shooting TTV in the Snow

Matt Murtagh posted this beautifully composed photo of me shooting in Highbury Park in the January snowstorm. It with taken with his Hasselblad using actual photographic film. None of this point-a-digicam-through nonsense for our Matt. He’s old school. You might be wondering what I’m photographing. I think it’s this. Here’s a better photo of Matt [...]

First go with the Ful-Vue

You’ll remember me lusting after an Ensign Ful-Vue the other week. Well, one finally came on eBay for a decent price (£15 inc p+p) and yesterday morning the postman delivered this little bundle of cuteness to my house. From the outset I was pleased to see it showing its age with plenty of scuff marks [...]

Banner in progress

As you know, I’m experimenting with new ways to present my TTV photos as prints. One of the ideas is to take the aesthetics of the TTV contraption - cardboard and duct tape - and apply it to the prints themselves. The gaffer-tape frame wasn’t a complete success but we shall march ever onwards and [...]


I use the terms mosaic, grid, montage and polyptych pretty interchangeably to mean a bunch of photos stuck together in a way that is greater than the sum of the parts but I hadn’t really considered using the photos to re-create another image. You’ll be familiar with the art of the photomosaic if you ever [...]

Perfect Portrait

Working through the archive for shots to use in next month’s exhibition I spotted this portrait of Kate Mascarenhas taken during the shoot I did for her and Matt’s wedding in 2008. It’s rather perfect. The background, the slight lift of the foot, the symmetry. I don’t know how I didn’t spot it before.

Prototype Gaffer-frame

I’ve been thinking about ways to present my work beyond the usual framed or unframed, spurred on by the forthcoming Moseley Exchange exhibition. I’d like to do something inspired by the way the photos are taken - through a tube made of cardboard and gaffer tape - so on Sunday I stocked up on the [...]

Pick of the Week

I’ve been talking a lot about other people’s photos lately, which is no bad thing, but here’s five photos of my own from this week I’m particularly pleased with. The theme this week seems to be skies. If that’s still the theme next week, slap me.

Inspiration 01

I was going through my Flickr favourites with the intention of doing another faves roundup post but most of them had embedding or blogging disabled. Which is really annoying but even though I can bypass those restrictions (it just takes a bit longer than normal to grab the image) I guess I’d better respect their [...]

Thonk’s Fashion Shoot

Typically, after searching for fashion-shoot-esque TTV photos Thunrsday’s post I only just stumbled across these examples from Thonk! They’re from his STUN Photography Group set which were taken at an event bringing together models and photographers in a venue for a nominal fee ($25). It’s a neat idea and I wonder if anyone is doing [...]

Lusting after a Ful-Vue

In the comments to the last post Lawson mentioned he had “an Ensign Ful-Vue off ebay to play with soon as well as the Duaflex” which caused me to pause. What the hell is an Ensign Ful-Vue? So I looked it up. How absurdly cute is that! Best of all it has a mean looking [...]

Exhibition at the Exchange

On the evening of Tuesday March 2nd you are invited to the opening of my first gallery exhibition at the Moseley Exchange in Moseley. Which is all very exciting! Along with photographers Emily Quinton and Dan Burwood my work will be on display during March for all to see. But do come on the 2nd [...]

TTV Fashion Shoot

No, that’s not one of mine. I stole this image via Google Image Search and passed it through the Lo-Mob iPhone app for a laugh. And if you can’t tell the difference then, well, shame on you. Anyway, I was at a biz-dev type event today on freelancing which I initially went to with my [...]

Fighting apathy with sunsets

It seems Fiona and I have developed a camera-related co-dependent relationship, in that we rely on the other to motivate us to get out of the house and take photos. Which is a good thing, I guess. Yesterday I was feeling a bit meh and still in my PJs at 4pm but within minutes I [...]


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