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My first art market

Look into my magic box, little boy… Photo by Fiona. Today I was at the Moseley Art Market selling my prints and to demonstrate how the contraption worked I took photos of people who came to tho stall. Be sure and look at the bigger versions. I also snapped these two kids playing with the [...]

Some art with your organic carrots, sir?

Tomorrow I’ll have a stall at the Moseley Art Market which runs alongside the Moseley Farmers Market. I’ll be there from 9am to 5pm (allowing for toilet breaks) to sell you a range of Through the Viewfinder goodies. The standard 5×5 inch framed range, which has been selling in the Created in Brum shop this [...]

Alpha Tower limited print


I don’t pretend to understand the art market and the logic, if any, behind limited edition prints. I do understand that scarcity increases value but I also know that value is dependent on demand. It doesn’t matter how scarce something is, if no-one wants it then it’s worthless. I’ve dabbled a bit with limited edition [...]

CiB Shop Triptych

I went on a brief photo walk today from the Bullring down to the delightful Pershore St car park and back again. The results will be processed soon but when I got back to base I took a few bursts of the Created in Birmingham Shop and got this sequence: This is designed to work [...]

Contraption Homage Memorial Print

Since the chances of someone having the space to house the five metre wide Homage to Contraption piece is very slim indeed it’s likely to end up in my attic when it comes down in a couple of months. So I was thinking it’d be nice to have something more substantial that people could feasibly [...]

Get your orders in

At the end of this week I’m going to be putting in an order for a load of prints, both 5×5 and 8×8, to restock the CiB Shop and in preparation for the Moseley Art Market on March 27th. So if there’s a particular print you’d like, let me know by Thursday evening so I [...]

Mounted eights

Today I popped down the actually rather awesome if you’re into polythene Express Polythene in Digbeth to buy some clear plastic to wrap my mounted prints with. And then I did some wrapping. Here’s some eight inch prints available to buy in the Created in Birmingham shop for £20 a piece. The top one is [...]

Homage to Contraption - artist’s statement

The following is hung next to my work at the Moseley Exchange. I’ve posted it here with links and photos of the piece in situ. In the Summer of 2006 I was at a Flickrmeet. This is where members of the photo sharing website Flickr meet up for a walk taking photos of the city. [...]

Photos of my photos in your homes

I was hoping this would become a thing and with any luck it’ll be a regular thing. Sites like Threadless let their customers send in photos of them wearing the shirts so I’ve been asking people to send in photos of my photos in their homes. And here’s a couple. Tom Horton bought this photo [...]

Building the Big Grid

This is a brief account of how I made the 5 metre wide piece currently on display in the Moseley Exchange. I started with 252 5″ square TTV prints and a vague idea of making a giant square tapestry with them. As luck would have it I found four display boards in the stock room [...]

Let’s meet in the middle

Just had a nice chat with Kim who was passing through the Moseley Exchange and liked the piece I’m about to hang on the wall once I’ve had a cup of tea. He was asking how much, and how much was too much, so we got chatting. To cut a long story short he’s going [...]


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