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Paris prints are on their way

I’ve just put in a rather large order for prints and mounts which includes a few of the Paris pieces. Once I’ve got them ready I’ll set up the Paypal buttons but for now, here’s what on the way: Due to an oversight I didn’t order this one. Will rectify that asap.

TTV Pete wandering around Paris

Fiona has uploaded all her photos from Paris to Flickr. There are 408 of them (which implies she may have a problem) which makes the 24 of me not seem that obsessive. Here’s a few of the TTV contraption in action. The photos I took are still dripping their way onto Flickr and will do [...]

Four for the journey

Leaving Paris this afternoon. Here’s four photos from the last few days.

Arc and Basilique

It’s not all grids - I spent a couple of hours on a walking project today - but they seem to be the easiest to do after a long day. Here’s a couple. The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel outside the Louvre. (Bigger) The Basilique du Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre. (Bigger) More to come!


Lots of photos to process from today but for now here’s a polyptych of Notre-Dame.

Par le Viseur

I’m in Paris for a few days, staying in a hostel in the Montmartre district. Fiona is here for a conference and I’m here to take photos. Fiona has a background in travel journalism and since the market for getting paid for that sort of thing has dried up she’s always thinking of new ways [...]

Looking Up

This last month I’ve been somewhat distracted by the running of the Created in Birmingham shop and haven’t been taking any TTV photos. I’ve also got a bit of a backlog of the few I took in March to process so given I’ve got a new special photography project starting this week I thought I’d [...]


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