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Straightwonky or Wonkystraight?

One of the quirks of doing TTV panoramas and grids is it’s quite impossible to line them up properly due to the angle of shooting and, well, the inherent absurdity of the whole TTV things. Usually I just go with what comes out of the camera and keep the squares in a strict grid, like [...]

A diffused flash

Last night at the Songwriter’s Cafe I mainly shot with the 50mm f1.8 lens but I brought the TTV contraption along just in case. Far too dark to shoot the performers but perfect for trying out a new toy. I recently bought one of these: It’s a Flash diffuser and yes, it’s essentially a small [...]


The newly refurbished MAC seems to becoming a home from home from home. It’s just really nice in all sorts of ways, not least because it opens onto Cannon Hill Park which is also really nice. Yesterday I found myself there as the sun was low in the sky and had a quick jaunt around [...]

Exchanging Stories

Actors are always a pleasure to photograph, especially when they’re not acting in the traditional sense. These last few days we’ve had the Needle & Thread theatre company in the Created in Brum shop with their Story Exchange. Ostensibly a project to collect people’s stories in return for second hand books, the actors dress up [...]

Last chance to buy…

…in the Created in Brum shop anyway. It’ll cease trading on May 23rd so if you want to buy my prints from there you’ve got, ooh, 11 days and 3 hours to do so. I will, of course, be continuing to sell my work at various arts and crafts events over the summer alongside this [...]


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