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Zaggy Town Hall

Birmingham’s Town Hall is something of a landmark in the city. Not only is it a rather magnificent building it’s also a quite egalitarian space hosting events across the cultural spectrum. If I’m going to homage one building in this fair city it would probably have to be this one. So I’ve been giving it [...]

Down the Hill with Erich

Nice TTV video by Erich which looks like it’s mounted on a motorbike or something. As you know I’ve dabbled in this before. I think I might be tempted to dabble again…

In Situ

Lorraine Francis bought a couple of my limited prints last week and graciously sent through a photo of them on her wall. That’ll be Alpha Tower and Portmeirion. Have you bought one of my pictures and put it somewhere? It might seem cheesy but I love seeing where people put my work so please take [...]

More Fairs

Last weekend I was at the Custard Factory with a table at the Handmade Fair on the periphery of the big Vintage clothing event happening there. Lots of interest in my work, which was nice, and while I didn’t sell anything bigger than a badge I did sell a lot of badges. 35 in total [...]

Winterbourne Orchid

Went to the Winterbourne Botanic Garden today for some sun and general lounging around. It’s quite nice there for £4 in the middle of the city and they were having an open day with garden related stalls and such. I was also there to stock up on pictures of plants and flowers, not having gotten [...]

Winging their way

The other night I had a brief bit of insomnia and had an idea for a new contraption that would need multiple Duaflexes. This idea may not come to anything but thanks to the eBay iPhone app I’ve found myself bidding for five Duaflexes at 2am. So far I’ve won four of them. The first [...]

TTV at the Handmade market

At the very last minute I’ve secured a table at the Handmade market this Saturday. It’s run by the lovely people at the Creative Open Workshops in the Custard Factory and in the likely event of a spot of rain will happen by the square pool under the City Is A Work Of Art slogan. [...]

Makepeace is sad

I was shifting May’s photos over to the big archive hard drive and noticed there were a few left I hadn’t processed yet. Specifically this one: It’s one of the redbricks at the top of Digbeth next to Readers World and the dilapidated Cold Storage building right about here. I’d never noticed it before. I [...]

Two Welsh Grids

Here’s a couple of pieces I’ve been working on. The first is a simple octypch (like a triptych but with eight photos, get it?) from Portmeirion. I have plenty more TTVs from The Village but not that many grids for some reason. Anyway, here it is. (click for bigger) This will be available as a [...]

Back from Wales

Just got back from a few days in and around Porthmadog including a day over at Portmeirion. Yes, that Portmeirion. It was mostly a Proper Holiday involving rest and recuperation but it also involved walking and photography, some TTV, some not-TTV. Plenty to process and it’ll all be going in this set with the TTV [...]

Alpha Tower - now 50% fewer monies

One of the great challenges of this game is how much to charge for your work. When you pay me for one of my photos you’re not paying for the paper it’s printed on. You’re paying for the work that went into making the image, from the shoot itself to the practice that lead up [...]

Posing with The Bull

I’ve been working in the Bullring these last three months and every day I walk past The Bull. I never stop though. The other week I popped out with the camera and stopped. Did you know The Bull is a major tourist attraction? Loads of people pose with it for photos from young kids and [...]


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