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Moseley Stall, July

A relatively quiet art market today (I made table but overall profits were about a tenner) got me thinking about products. Currently I’ve got badges (£1) 8 inch prints (usually £15 but today I tried £10 or 3 for £20) and large prints (£40+). The badges are popular but too cheap. The prints get a [...]

What’s in my box?

This weekend it’s the Moseley Art Market and once again I’ll have my pitch on the end of the row opposite Sainsburys. I’ll have the full range of montage prints all nicely wrapped and mounted - more on them tomorrow - and I’ve also filled up the 8″ print box. And it struck me, it [...]


I finally processed all my photos from last month’s trip to North Wales. Of particular note are the ones from Portmeirion (location of The Prisoner and so on) which I was hoping would lend itself to TTV rather nicely. See what you think but here’s a few of my favourites. On the whole I don’t [...]

Custard Six

Did the Handmade Market today. Last month was pretty successful due to a nice critical mass of events at the Custard Factory. This month was a bit of a bust selling two (count em!) badges due to significant lack of footfall. But interesting things from the Handmaders are on the horizon involving a market in [...]

Getting my *ptych’s straight

When I first did a grid of four TTV photos I called it a quadtych because it seemed the right word. It’s like a triptych but four and quad means four. And it didn’t really matter. Since then the polyptych has become my “big thing” so I figured it was time to get the nomenclature [...]

A Mostly Jazz grid

Shooting the Master Musicians

Just found this triffic photo taken by Fiona of me in the photographers pit at Supersonic 2009. Here are the photos I was taking of the Master Musicians Of Bukkake.

Moseley, Custard, Moseley

Busy few weekends ahead. This Saturday 10th I’ll have a table at the Moseley Festival street fair. I think I’ll be outside Somerfield and the fair runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm. This is not a covered stall so if the weather is looking dodgy check the Twitter to see if I’m definitely there. Next Saturday [...]

Festival Inspiration

This weekend I’m shooting the Mostly Jazz festival. It won’t be all TTV (I’ll be keeping it straight for the bands) but I want to do some interesting stuff with the crowds. Maybe a montage of the audience. Something like this or this only across a number of shots with a sense of movement. So [...]

Clocks and Towers

Before they get lost the rapidly increasing torrent of photos going on my Flickr stream, here’s a couple of Birmingham buildings I polyptiched the week. This is the tower of Pershore Street Carpark, my current concrete muse. And this is the clock tower of the council house know, I’m lead to believe, as Big Brum [...]

Moseley Folk 2009, finally

This weekend I’m shooting the inaugural Mostly Jazz Festival in Moseley, run the same people who do the excellent Moseley Folk Festival in September. With this in mind I figured it was about time I finally processed my photos from last years folkfest and got them on the internet. Here’s the set on Flickr and [...]


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