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Handmade Birmingham starts this weekend

The Handmade Market has been running in the Custard Factory for a few months now with varying degrees of success but this weekend moves up the road into the main shopping area of Birmingham on Edgbaston Street between the markets and the Bullring, just about here: And it’s not just a one-off. The market plans [...]

And here’s the magazine itself

You can order a copy from themselves or from me.

The Dirty Bristow cover

Just been given the okay by the Dirty Bristow boys to reveal the cover of the first issue of their magazine. It’s officially launched on Saturday night at their Village Fete. If you’re in Birmingham do come along as it should be a rather special, if silly, affair. I’ll be there running a Peg Holding [...]

Budget frames are here

I’ve been looking for something to sell that’s between a badge (£1) and a mounted print (£15), something that doesn’t require any work and can easily slot into someone’s home. Inspired by Jane Anderson I’m introducing a range of budget frames. These are 7×5″ prints of my larger works in a wooden frame. I’m planning [...]

The Audience

Wednesday’s talk seemed to go pretty well. Nice turnout and good feedback. I’ve posted some notes and things on my other blog but here’s a shot I took of the audience while demo-ing the new contraption. Why don’t people fill those first two seats? Maybe it’s because they think someone will take a photo of [...]

Talking Faves at the IKON

This Wednesday sees me doing a Q&A at the IKON gallery in Birmingham discussing eight of my favourite things. It’s quite a prestigious thing and I was rather shocked to be selected and while I suspect it’s more to do with my work on projects like Created in Birmingham I will be talking about my [...]

Ready for February

Fiona’s been subtly nudging me to think about next year’s Valentines market while the flowers are out and yes, it has been on the commercial side of my artistic mind. Today I think I got The One. Bring on the cards!

Some Customers

When I’m running stalls at Art Markets they can, by the nature of what I’m selling, get a bit sideshow as I explain how the camera works. Often I’ll take a picture of the perplexed to show them and usually, thanks to their confused look and the poor lighting, the photo isn’t worth saving. But [...]

The Iron Man’s Back

Anthony Gormley’s Iron: Man sculpture in Birmingham’s Victoria Square is said by the artist to “represent the traditional skills of Birmingham and the Black Country practised during the Industrial Revolution” (according to Wikipedia). It also represents the traditional music of Birmingham and the Black County as practiced by Black Sabbath. I like the statue though [...]

TTV is not necessarily the most elegant of photography techniques

Thanks “Honey“

Dirty Bristow launch party

Some friends of mine are launching a magazine this month. Dirty Bristow will contain writing and pictures and one of my pictures will grace the front cover. They’ve asked me not to reveal the cover until the launch which will be on August 28th at The Edge in Digbeth. There will be music and dancing [...]

Contraption Number Four

Yesterday I had a few experiences and encounters that made me think about what I’m doing with this photography lark. Some of it was a little depressing, some uplifting, but all of it lead to some serious pondering. So today, in order to deal with this metaphysical weight on my brain, I built a new [...]

On a boat

Simon and Bettina live on a canal boat. Actually, they live in two canal boats - one is the bedroom/kitchen and the other is the living room. Every so often they take their living room for a spin along the canals of Birmingham and today they invited me along. (Click goes big) I’ve only processed [...]


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