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Stirchley Community Market - September

Another market, another stall layout I wasn’t ready for. Nothing to hang things from in the background today so it all had to go up front. Not that I’m complaining - I like the challenge. This was my first time at the Stirchley Community Market, a venture started around the corner from my home in [...]

Em and Daz got married

And so my first official, professional wedding gig occurred. I’ve still to investigate the results (a fair bit of booze has been consumed since, as you’d expect) but this one jumped out as a keeper as soon as I took it. If the rest come out along these lines I’ll be happy. Oh, and today [...]

Cannon Hill Park as the sun sets

Speaking of the new contraption, I realised I hadn’t processed the first photos I took with it in Cannon Hill Park on August 4th. You’ll find them on this page and here’s a couple of my favourites.

Contraption in Action

I’ve been looking for a good photo of me wearing the current TTV Contraption. (Yes, I wear this one. I attached a clip to the back and use a couple of old camera straps to hang it over the shoulders.) So it was lovely to find one from Tim Ellis taken at Artsfest.

Street Galleries

I had a bit of a philosophical day yesterday at the Handmade market. In total I sold one copy of Dirty Bristow to a friend. No other sales at all. But I’m not down about it because I’ve realised it’s not all about sales. For the first few hours my pitch looked like this: I [...]

Playing with the contraption

I’m going through some of the photos taken at Artsfest and came across these two. Some more Artsfest TTV shots on Flickr One of the best things about selling my pics is having the contraptions around for people to play with, particularly kids. They’re pretty sturdy so I don’t have a problem with curious manhandling. [...]

In which explaining my whats and whys in Yardley reveals me to be a hacker

This evening at my Yardley Photography Society talk I had a go at the “why do you do this?” question. It’s inevitable and I was ready for it but I didn’t fully realise where I’d gotten the inspiration for the answer from until I got home. Before their sell-out concert at Birmingham Town Hall, Brian [...]

Handmade this Saturday

I’m aware I have a huge backlog of things to talk about but exciting new things keep cropping up. It’s a curse, I tell you. So just a quick note that I’ll be at the Handmade Market this Saturday from 9-5. After the success of Artsfest I think I’m going to go for more of [...]

Thanks for a fantastic Artsfest!

This weekend I had a pitch at Artsfest, selling my work off the railings on Centenary Square. It was the best weekend I’ve had to date as TTVPete both in sales and general interest in my work. If you came along thank you for your time and interest, and it you bought something thank you [...]

Nick has a snooze

Caught Nick Drew with his eyes shut at the Moseley Folk Festival on Saturday evening. I was mostly shooting normal-style but will do more TTV on Sunday. Watch for them in this Flickr set.

Talking to the Yardley Photography Society

At the Moseley Art Market this weekend a chap came up and asked if I was Pete Ashton. I certainly am, I replied. He was Peter Jackson from the Yardley Photographic Society and he was interested in having me give a talk about my work. Well golly, I said. I’d love to! And so it [...]

Colmore Market

Next Friday 10th I’ve got at pitch on Colmore Business District‘s Arts and Crafts Market run by Francine of Handmade. Here’s the flyer: This will take over a chunk of Church Street between Cornwall and Edmund Streets. Here’s the diagram I was sent: The market runs from 11am to 6pm and is just along from [...]

Artsfest pitch confirmed

The plans for this year’s Artsfest Art On The Railings just came though and I do think I’ve landed quite the plum spot. According to the diagram I’m going to be here: There are 15 pitches along the railings with most sharing the large semi-circled but I get the whole of that end piece. It’s [...]


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