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Post-Supersonic Fire Sale

I prepared some special prints for Supersonic but they didn’t sell. Lots of interest, mind, but I guess people aren’t in the art buying mood when there’s music and beer around. And rightly so, when you think about it. The problem is I invested a fair bit of cash in these and need to recoup [...]

A Nisennenmondai test diptamation

As with last year Nisennenmondai were one of the highlights of the Supersonic festival. Here’s a quick moving diptych I made this afternoon while recovering from a rather enjoyable weekend. I’m still going through the photos to see whether this experiment has been a success or a terrible failure. But if there’s anything worth salvaging [...]

A Melt Banana Test Animation

I’ve been shooting thousands of photos in sequence at Supersonic and have no idea how useful they’ll be or how successfully my ultimate project will turn out. So, while waiting for the first bus home I thought I’d try a quick test. Here’s a minute of Melt-Banana over 200-ish photos. The soundtrack is taken from [...]

Supersonic starts tonight

It’s Supersonic this weekend, Birmingham’s annual music festival like no other, collecting the strange, the sublime and the astonishing in the warehouses and converted factories of Digbeth. This will be my fifth year taking photos there. In 2006 I shot black and white film, in 2007 I went digital and in 2008 I took the [...]

Stirchley Market next week

Assuming three days in the photo pits at Supersonic doesn’t kill me I’ll be selling my wares at the Stirchley Community Market on Tuesday. This month we’ll be indoors in the warm, with beer! Here are my pics from last month.

Dirty Bristow Pub Quiz

Dirty Bristow, the magazine I did the cover for, is gearing up for their second issue. Rather than take ads they prefer to put on fund raising events and the next one is a pub quiz. Here’s the poster: Do come along!

Monotonix at Supersonic print

Next weekend sees the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. This will be my fifth year taking photos and third with the TTV machine, and I’ll also be selling some prints in the merch room on the First Fold table. You won’t find me there, of course. I’ll be in the pits with my contraption. I’ve made [...]

TTV that moves

A few weeks back Craig from the country-folk band Friends of the Stars emailed about the possibility of doing a zero-budget video for their forthcoming album. Craig’s a good friend but even so, the law of pro-bono still applies. If you’re not getting paid in cash you need to get paid in something else, be [...]

TTV on the Facebooks

tldr: TTV Pete has a Facebook page. I’ve long been indifferent towards Facebook. My indifference is vague and complex but I think it boils down to a preference for blogs over forums. Twitter is like a blog while Facebook feels like a forum. Blogs are open and outreaching while forums tend to be closed and [...]

In France

A quick post.

I’m a statement making artist

I just had to write an Artist Statement in an application for a market stall and since I struggle to write such things I thought I’d slap it up here for your entertainment. I have no idea if this is a good Artist Statement or a bad one. I suspect those who have gone to [...]


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