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Camping by Colmore

A couple of months ago I took part in an arts and crafts market run by Handmade and the Colmore Business District. It wasn’t too successful, mainly because it was shunted down one of the side streets. If there’s anything I’ve learned about selling arts and crafts it’s that you can’t pretend to be a [...]

Market season starts

The Christmas market season began this week with the Stirchley Market and continues at Moseley today. And then it takes over my life. Next week in particular is pretty crazy. From Wednesday to Friday I’m at the special Handmade Market in the grounds of St Philip’s Cathedral, by Colmore Row. I quite like the idea [...]

TTV in the WaB Shop

As you probably know I’ve been involved in the setup of the We Are Birmingham shop which has kinda taken over my life in the last few weeks. Happy to say it opened on Saturday and that my work is on sale therein. Now, with any luck, I can get on with being a photographer [...]

Badges and Magnets in the shop

If you’ve been to my stalls over the summer you’ll have seen the little square badges I’ve been selling of my work. I wasn’t able to get restocks recently but now have ample supplies of the two most popular designs so can finally offer them online. I’ve also had them made as fridge magnets. Ordering [...]

The November Range

This season, why not give your loved one the gift of TTV Pete? No, don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical. I’m bringing back the framed five inch prints with a range of 45 images. Each one is signed in silver ink and framed in a lovely wooden frame I’ve sourced. You can buy them for £15 [...]


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