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The obligatory snow photos

After yesterday’s quite ridiculous blizzard conditions market in Moseley I was pretty much laid up with a cold today but Fiona forced me out to take photos for a bit. After all, it’s not every day Birmingham looks quite so awesome. (Photo by Fiona - more of hers from today) Here’s a couple I’m pleased [...]

Sledge GIF

Along with all the high-falutin art stuff I want to do more GIFs next year. I’ve always liked the disposable, informal nature of the animated GIF and the TTV films I’ve been working on are essentially the same sort of thing, only more considered. So here’s a few frames shot in Highbury Park this afternoon [...]

To the Botanicals for the last market of the year

Update: Due to the snow I can’t make it to the Botanical Gardens for the market. Sorry. Moseley tomorrow was going to be my final arts and craft market for 2010 but I heard about one at Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens on Sunday which is a) a bit different to the norm and b) indoors. So [...]

Interview in Radar magazine

The other week Paul Green recorded me rambling on about my photography for an hour with the intention of turning it into an article for Radar magazine. The issue featuring me came out this week and I’m astonished at how well he’s turned my incoherent nonsense into a very readable piece of prose, particularly the [...]

Moseley Market in the snow?

After freezing for nine hours in Pigeon Park the other week I swore I’d never do another outdoor market ever again, except Moseley. Moseley’s been good to me and it’s worth doing and the weather can’t be that bad once a month, surely? The next Moseley Art Market is this Saturday. Here’s the weather forecast. [...]

Shooting Pigeon Park

Just processed and uploaded some more photos taken in Pigeon Park during the very cold market. This is probably my favourite. The rest are here.

Two Cathedral Polyptychs

Last week at the Pigeon Park market in the snow I had a go at polyptyching St Philips, Birmingham’s cathedral. The conditions were not great (grey, snow, poor light, cold feet and fingers) but I’m fairly pleased with the results. At the very least it’s given me some ideas on how to approach it next [...]

TTV photos in small frames, perfect for Christmas gifts by the way

As you might have noticed, it’s Christmas soon when people traditionally give other people gifts. With this in mind I have rejigged my online store so you can easily buy such gifts from me. I would particularly draw your attention to the Framed Small Prints page where you can find the current core range of [...]

Pecha Kucha talk at the Landscape Institute

Yesterday I spoke at the Landscape Institute‘s Pecha Kucha night. This is where a series of speakers have to talk over 20 slides which automatically move on every 20 seconds, preventing waffle and digression. I think mine went well but there wasn’t a recording so I re-did it later that night. Here’s the subdued, non-audience [...]

Today Barber, tomorrow The MAC

Today I’m trading at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts at Birmingham University for their first Arts and Christmas Craft Fair. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes as it’s an experiment all round but two things are for certain. 1) Since it’s indoors it’ll be warm and dry. After Wednesday’s nightmare this is [...]

A Pigeon Park triptych movie

Yesterday I was trading at the Handmade market by the Cathedral. It was freezing and snowing and I was there for 9 hours and so my body told me in no uncertain terms I wasn’t going back today. Instead I took three series of pics I’d shot during the day and made them into a [...]


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