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Dude the Dog

This morning I was shooting some footage for the Friends of the Stars video I’m working on, taking some of the band for a walk around Lifford Reservoir. I’m keeping most of it under wraps for now but thought I’d share a couple of animated gifs of Craig’s dog Dude being an idiot. Here he [...]

January Sale at We Are Birmingham

After my last couple of markets before Christmas were snowed off I have a bit of excess which I could do with liquidating. Thankfully the We Are Birmingham shop is having a January Sale which saves me a chunk of hassle so I’ve given them all my market stock. For the rest of January all [...]

A Spring Exhibition

It’s been an exciting and eventful year for TTV Pete and I intend to get my thoughts down about it all quite soon. In the meanwhile I have some news. I’ve been talking with Claire Farrell from EC Arts about doing something with my photography. She’s worked with some great people on some really interesting [...]


Art-Pete is the blog of Pete Ashton when he's thinking about art. It primarily contains photos and videos of work he's completed in this quest. The majority of his writing occurs on his main blog.

Through 2010 this blog was the home of TTV Pete where I talked about and sold my Through The Viewfinder photos. That stuff is still in the archives but I've moved on. Through 2011 this blog was a little confused but I think I've figured it out now.