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Monitor conundrums

Now I’ve got a template figured out for the May Library exhibition, it’s time to work on the practicalities. If I want 200-odd screens each showing a different animation, how exactly is that going to work? A brief investigation tells me “not that easily.” The issue is each monitor (and we’re going with computer monitors [...]

Library exhib plans coalescing into a big blob

The exhibition I’m doing at Birmingham’s Central Library in May with Claire Farrell has been 100% confirmed as 100% happening. All we have to do now is do it. The original plan of hanging up some prints has been dropped in favour of something much more interesting. Claire saw some of the animations I’ve been [...]


Thanks to eagle eyed Catherine O’Flynn fans for noticing a couple of my photos in the background of her interview on Channel 4′s TV Book Club. Her interview is on 4OD. Scroll the bar to the halfway point. And if you’re somehow not aware of Catherine and her work, please become aware. She’s dead good.


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