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First shots of 2011

Was rather shocked to discover the first shots I’d taken this year with the contraption were tonight at the Fierce Festival’s Burningham event. Nothing amazing came out of the can but it was fun to swing the ‘flex again. More in here…

A flyer

Once this week is over I’m going to be focussing 100%… okay, let’s say 85% on this project and talking about it lots and lots on the blog. For now, here’s the obligatory jpeg that those on the arts mailing list circuits may find appearing in your inboxes soon.

Sourcing monitors and PCs

Had a chat with Claire over the weekend where we bashed out the monitor acquisition strategy. I’d been hoping we’d be able to find a cache of 200 monitors and PCs in some educations basement somewhere in the city to save picking up one or two here and there but it seems that’s not that [...]


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