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Nice pano, Chris

Chris Hathway’s train bus was delayed so he checked out the exhibition and made this lovely panorama of Lucy’s work and my holes. Click for bigger. I particularly like how it uses the scaffolding on the right, as well as how it’s delightfully imperfect in the joins, cubist style. Good eye, sir.

One of two things to do

According to Birmingham City Council’s Things To Do page there are two highlights of note at the libraries at the moment, and I’m one of them. Thanks BCC web-person-who-is-probably-Simon for the mention!

ASCII videos

I’m rather taken with ASCIImeo, a little toy which converts videos hosted on Vimeo into ASCII art on the fly. I particularly like what it does to my TTV sequences. Here’s a the single-panel walk up New St. While the static panels have a certain quality it works best in motion as the walking people [...]

Feature in Area Magazine

Area Magazine is a free pocket culture guide to Birmingham and the West Mids. You can pick it up in the usual cool and groovy haunts or read it online. Big thanks to Kerry and Dave for the article!

A Joiner for a Postcard

Claire had suggested that, rather than print invites for the launch, we put out a postcard to commemorate the installation and I thought that’d be nice. Rather than the images on the monitors she wanted a photo of The Contraption in all its cardboard and gaffer-tape glory. The problem was I was finding it incredibly [...]

Sequence Three

On Friday afternoon I went into town to do another shoot for the Dead Space installation, intending to have the piece installed on Saturday. It didn’t quite work out like that. Rather than shoot from a fixed point I thought I’d try moving through the city this time, walking from the Rotunda up New St, [...]

Struts and a second sequence

Today I was back in the space with my working head on, fixing stuff that had collapsed and installing a new sequence on half the monitors. First I set to work building struts to take the weight of the cardboard. It seemed with the heat of that room (not helped by the updraft from the [...]

Entropy knocks

It’s nice when people let you know they’ve checked out your work, even if they use the opportunity to inform you it’s falling down. Thanks Steve. Thanks Nikki. When I popped in on Saturday a couple of other tubes had fallen, which I quickly patched up, so this wasn’t a surprise. Gaffer tape is great [...]

Looking through Birmingham goes live

I’m a little drunk but cogent enough to point you towards some photos by Fiona of the final piece, and a video of my talk put to the animation that’s currently on show. Update: Karen’s uploaded loads of photos of the building process which are most amusing in places. Update 2: Matt’s photos. More to [...]

There is no end - it’s all process

This morning I spent a bit of time at home plotting and pondering the next couple of days. I’d gotten permission to stay late in the library (which closes at 8) so there wasn’t an urgency to get in. Plus the stuff I was planning to do today didn’t need any assistance. Originally I was [...]

Tuesday gets busy

Not much to report today other than to thank Liz, James and Karen, along with Matt again, for their help. Today was mostly spent cutting cardboard into long tubes and I very nearly got them all done. Just a couple more to do first thing tomorrow and all the pieces are in place. Which is [...]

Holes in the window

Milestones reached today: Computers are all ready. Antonio applied his hackery knowledge to the old PCs we’d acquired (Thanks to Jon Bounds and the Ikon Gallery for donations, and everyone else who offered) and after a couple of hours had them running the Puredyne Linux operating system off CDs with the movie files on a [...]

I’m looking for people who like to slice up cardboard with knives

We’re into the final stretch. By Thursday afternoon I need to have 32 cardboard cones fitting perfectly between 32 monitors and 32 holes in the window. This involved measuring the distance, slicing cardboard in quadrilaterals of varying sizes and sticking them together with gaffer tape. If you think this is the sort of thing you’d [...]

The Final Plan

As I said in the last post, I had to make some compromises on Friday but after they’d been sorted I mentally signed off my final plan. This is it. Nothing will change now. Here’s my diagram. And here’s what I did to the window. The idea is cardboard cowls will connect the monitors to [...]

Electrical realities force a compromise

Yesterday I had a flurry of emails in my inbox cc-ing me into a conversation between the various folks involved in making this thing happen and the chap in charge of making sure the electricity supply to the library isn’t b0rked beyond recognition by my work. He’d some some sums and consulted with the electrician [...]

Exhibition launch - you’re all invited

Next Thursday, May 12th, my exhibition at the Library opens. There’ll be an event, to which all are welcome, which will start at 6.00pm with glasses of wine and time for “networking”, or as I prefer to call it, “chatting about stuff”. That will go on for half an hour after which there will be [...]

In The Space

Yesterday Antonio and I moved 37 monitors and related gubbins from the upper basement in the middle of the Central Library (approximately underneath the Weatherspoon’s pub) up to the first floor, through the lending library and down to the space beneath the business centre where I’ll be constructing my… thingy… over the next 8 days. [...]

Using unknown talent to draw crowds doesn’t work

This evening I popped into the mac on my way home to catch a bit of Little Sister‘s free gig. This Tuesday Tunes is something the mac started running last year and it’s a neat idea, putting on local musicians in the courtyard. In fact it’s where I first saw Little Sister play. Here’s a [...]


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