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Pixel Dawn

An accident that is more interesting for the reasons I find it interesting that in itself. Occurred during the process of making this.

H Lucier

A few things have been coming my way recently, feeding into my notions of art and aesthetics. The principle one was the GLI.TC/H festival my friend Antonio Roberts curated in Birmingham last month where I did the video/photography stuff. I’m still processing the details and wouldn’t want to make any pronouncements, but there’s the seed [...]


Art-Pete is the blog of Pete Ashton when he's thinking about art. It primarily contains photos and videos of work he's completed in this quest. The majority of his writing occurs on his main blog.

Through 2010 this blog was the home of TTV Pete where I talked about and sold my Through The Viewfinder photos. That stuff is still in the archives but I've moved on. Through 2011 this blog was a little confused but I think I've figured it out now.