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Koyaanisqatsi Average Pixels
Koyaanisqatsi Average Pixels

After the IMG_4228 experiments I was pointed by Hannah to Jason Salavon’s work, reducing frames of a movie down to 1 pixel and displaying them in sequence. It’s similar in ways to the movie barcodes but visually closer to my final piece. So I thought I’d give it a go. I’d recently gotten around to [...]

IMG_4228 Average Pixel Canvas
IMG_4228 Average Pixel Canvas

After the last post I was going to leave this for a day or so but I couldn’t help having a go. The natural next step for me, having gathered a bunch of photos together, was to pixelate them in some manner. I tried a basic 12×12 but it didn’t do much other than create [...]

IMG 4228 Flickr Dump

After slicing through YouTube using the filename IMG_4228 I thought I’d try the same with Flickr. As you might expect there are a lot more items on Flickr that haven’t been renamed from that machine-generated filename, 30,118 at the time of writing with 4 or 5 being added each day. My plan was to download [...]

IMG 4228 Desktop Players

This is a work in progress. Other itterations of this project may emerge in time. I recently uploaded a video to YouTube straight from my camera. The filename was “” and I didn’t change it immediately. By the time I did the suggested videos in the sidebar included a significant number titled IMG 4228. I [...]

Pixel Hunt

I’ve been experimenting recently with cropping tiny details from photographs and blowing them up to A3 dimensions. It’s still a work in progress as I haven’t actually had any A3 prints made (that will be the proof) but I’m pleased with the process so far. A couple of days ago I saw a non-fox hunt [...]

Laptop Scratch

My Macbook battery gave up the ghost this weekend so I ordered a new one. On replacing it I noticed all the scratches caused by four years of constant use on a wide variety of surfaces. I thought it might be interesting to record them for posterity and investigate them further so I scanned the [...]


A video from 2010 which was done as a test but which I think holds up well. Using my old TTV contraption I tracked a sailboat as it moved across Edgbaston Reservoir taking 2-3 photos every second. Next I layered them in photoshop and matched the horizons. Saving each layer as an image I then [...]

Bees Under The House

A short film from last year when we discovered a nest of relatively endangered bumble bees were nesting under our floorboard. They came and went through a airbrick which I positioned a video camera in front of. While the bees are pleasing I’m also interested in the fixed unblinking gaze and the ambient suburban sounds.


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