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IMG 4228 Desktop Players

This is a work in progress. Other itterations of this project may emerge in time. I recently uploaded a video to YouTube straight from my camera. The filename was “” and I didn’t change it immediately. By the time I did the suggested videos in the sidebar included a significant number titled IMG 4228. I [...]


A video from 2010 which was done as a test but which I think holds up well. Using my old TTV contraption I tracked a sailboat as it moved across Edgbaston Reservoir taking 2-3 photos every second. Next I layered them in photoshop and matched the horizons. Saving each layer as an image I then [...]

Bees Under The House

A short film from last year when we discovered a nest of relatively endangered bumble bees were nesting under our floorboard. They came and went through a airbrick which I positioned a video camera in front of. While the bees are pleasing I’m also interested in the fixed unblinking gaze and the ambient suburban sounds.


Art-Pete is the blog of Pete Ashton when he's thinking about art. It primarily contains photos and videos of work he's completed in this quest. The majority of his writing occurs on his main blog.

Through 2010 this blog was the home of TTV Pete where I talked about and sold my Through The Viewfinder photos. That stuff is still in the archives but I've moved on. Through 2011 this blog was a little confused but I think I've figured it out now.