Collective Photography (2013-4)

A book about what it means to photograph as a group and how leading such groups can be an artistic practice.


Birmingham Obscura (ongoing)

A five year project in collaboration with Jenny Duffin to build portable and permanent Camera Obscurae in Birmingham. See bhamobscura.com for events, planning and documentation.

spinning in a room 9grid

I Am Spinning In A Room (2014)

Riffing off Alvin Lucier’s classic I Am Sitting In A Room, I took a selfie, turned it into a disc and repeatedly asked ImageMagick to rotate it by 1 degree 10,000 times. Each rotation meant ...

Spectral Seflies HQ 414

Spectral Songs of the Slitscanned Selfies (2014)

A 10 minute film merging slitscan techniques with audio-visual transduction. As the slit-scanner moves across the photograph that pixel-wide column is stretched across the whole image in a translucent layer. Simultaneously photos are fed through ...

Typologies titlecard-1

Typologies of Hypernetworked Vernacular Self-Portraiture (2014)

A 10 minute film about Selfies and how I'm trying to understand them as a photographer, artist and someone who's interested in how people communicate online.


Slitscan Selfies (2014)

Using Slitscan Photography techniques, a method of visualising large numbers of photographs for visual similarities, towards understanding the visual languages of shared images. Blog post (Feb).

10000 Selfies small

10,000 Selfies (2013)

Visualising an increasing number of Selfies harvested from Instagram in November / December 2013.


Giant Pinhole Cameras in Birmingham (2014)

Ongoing collaboration with Jenny Duffin to turn landmark buildings in Birmingham into camera obscura.


Bring Your Own Beamer – Birmingham 2013

Group show at Vivid co-curated with Antonio Roberts.


Fran’s Room (2013)

Photo montage of a flat for use in performance piece by Francesca Millican-Slater.


Bring Your Own Beamer – Birmingham 2012

Group show at Vivid co-curated with Antonio Roberts.


Dead Space (2011)

Installation in Birmingham Central Library window curated by Clare Farrell of EC Arts.


TTV Pete (2010)

Series of art market stalls and ad-hoc street exhibitions and workshops of Through The Viewfinder photography work.


Homage to Contraption (2010)

Exhibition at Moseley Exchange, Birmingham