About Pete


Pete Ashton decided to call himself an artist in 2010 when he realised he didn’t have to go to art school or ask permission to do so. He then spent the next few years figuring out what that meant, settling on a kind of “applied philosophy” where one understands the world by making stuff.

In 2014 he went Full Artist, making this the core of his activities. In doing so he found himself with the most coherent business model in a decade of being freelance.

He’s been part of the arty world since starting the Created in Birmingham blog way back whenever that was. He’s currently a Fellow at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) where he’s working on the Birmingham Camera Obscura project with Jenny Duffin.

He’s resisted writing an artist statement because most he’s seen are, frankly, obsfucating alienating bollocks, but here’s an attempt:

“My work is mostly about cameras and photos and how they work, from building a portable camera obscura to seeing what photographs sound like. I like hacking stuff that I don’t understand properly and my weapon of choice is duct tape. The modern era of ubiquitous cameras and the slow death of the elitist photographer excites me.”

You can find all his various activities at peteashton.com, but of relevant interest is the Tumblr where research material is stored, and Twitter, where activities are announced.

His dream is to do a large piece about rabbits on Instagram, something he has plenty of experience of.