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TTV Workshop at Cadbury College

I was recently asked by Julie Swinsco, the Photography tutor at Cadbury College, Birmingham, to come in and talk to the AS Photography students at the end of their year. Getting an artist in to give a different perspective than the teachers is something they try and do for every subject in the art/crafts department [...]

TTV Workshop - the photos

I ran three workshops at Cadbury College this week where the AS Photography students built a TTV contraption and took photos. In this post I want to show them off and share a small selection of my favourites. Here’s all of them in one big grid. Click on it to see them at a reasonably [...]

Takedown Time

The problem with putting paid work on hold last month was I had to do a fair amount of paid work this month, which is fine but it did distract me from the last couple of weeks of the installation, and already it’s time for it to go. It’s been an interesting experience, all told. [...]

The perils of public art

If you’re not careful someone will stick a toilet in front of it. Pic courtesy of Steve. The piece comes down next week. Look for an update soon.

Cartier-Bresson in his own words

Caught this the other night and found it most inspirational. Which is not too surprising as Cartier-Bresson is one of those “masters” people tell you about. He’s particularly interesting because he’s something of a street photographer who really plays with the rules of photography and composition and it was fascinating to hear he considered himself [...]


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