BYOB photo zoom loop

Ant asked me to do something with the Bring Your Own Beamer: Birmingham photos. These were his instructions.

* 1 minute long
* 640 x 480
* No audio
* Jump straight into photos i.e. no title screens or fading
* Keep effects to a minimum
* Make it awesome

I sat on it for a week and eventually, on the cusp of the deadline I insisted he give me, came up with the above.

There are 300-ish photos running at 30fps. Every 10 seconds they look and zoom in to 400%. I guess it evokes the experience of BYOB where you can get up close to the projections and it’s all a bit overwhelming. Or maybe I was just desperate.

If I didn’t mention it already, Ant and I have agreed that we’re going to do this again and this time I’m taking the lead. Given my current workload that means it’ll happen late summer, early Autumn at this rate. Anyone interested in hosting it or partnering with us (like Flatpack and Vivid did) please get in touch.