Railroad Towns video

Railroad Towns by Friends of the Stars

Last January I shot a video for Friends of the Stars, a Brummie / Scots country folk band whose Birmingham contingent live near to me. We went for a walk around the Lifford Reservoir and I recorded sequences through my TTV contraption.

Using the motor drive function I was getting about 4 frames a second and with each frame being an individual photo the automatic exposure and focus would vary slightly from frame to frame.

I lightly processed the photos with a sepia filter and stitched them together roughly to the beat of the song. Et, as the say, voila.

All I had to do was wait a year for them to release the track.

Railroad Towns features on Friends of the Stars’ new album Faiths Meat Kiosk which is out in April.

(I don’t currently do TTV photography but might be willing to go back to it if the idea was strong or the fee was right.)

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