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I did an hour long interview today over Skype. The video was sent to me for reference (I very rarely remember what I say in conversations so it’s handy to review in case I said anything stupid or useful) and I was intrigued by how static I was. Partly because it was done relatively early in the day for me but also because I was thinking a lot and I tend to shut down expressionism when I’m thinking. Apart from rubbing my head, obviously.

So I extracted a frame from every 15th second which roughly came to 240 frames which fits nicely in a 12×20 grid. Not my usual ratio but it’s good to experiment. Click on it for the full resolution version (4.1mb)

I also turned it back into a 15fps video lasting 16 seconds. Enjoy.

Now, I wonder if I can extract 240 15th/sec audio clips every 15 seconds…

How To

I extracted the stills from the video using Quicktime 7 Pro (not Quicktime X which comes with Mac Lion and lacks loads of features.)

File -> Export then this dialogue:

This gave me 3,600 stills which was too many so I created a new movie from those still at 15fps.

File -> Import Image Sequence

This gave me a 4 minute movie which I put through the same export process as above, giving me the 240 stills.

I did go through the process one more time, just to see, and it gave me a rather disapointing 17 stills. So I didn’t do much with them. Although now I think of it, they’d make a GIF. So here’s a GIF.

I’ll stop now.

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