About TTV Photography

Through The Viewfinder, or TTV, is a form of photography where, as the name suggests, a photograph is taken by one camera through the viewfinder of another camera. Usually the viewfinder in question belongs to an vintage camera such as a Kodak Duaflex or Argus Argoflex. Here’s a photo of a Duaflex:

Kodak Duaflex

The process is very simple. I point a digital camera at the square bubble of glass on the top of the camera. Under this is a mirror at 45 degree angle meaning I’m looking out through the top circle of glass. (The bottom circle is for exposing film in the Duaflex itself, but we’re not interested in that.) In order to keep any excess light out and to maintain stability a “contraption” is usually constructed. Here’s my current contraption as of August 2010


I then crop the photo down to a square and play about with the colour and contrast in Adobe Lightroom.

If you’d like to know more about the mechanics of TTV photography and even build you own contraption Russ Morris has a great tutorial along with a glossary You should also find the TTV Flickr group to be a friendly bunch.

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