Two week crisis

In two weeks time, at this very time, I’ll be unveiling, or at least formally presenting, my third of the Dead Space exhibition. I’ve got the idea which I like to think I’ve added some depth to, I’ve got most of the kit I need to run it and on Tuesday I move into the space itself.

The problem is I have no idea exactly how I’m going to proceed. Having spent this afternoon either staring at the kit in the basement or staring at the empty space I’m stuck. So, taking a leaf out of my own book, I’m blogging my way through it.

My main concern is that it not look shit. When your medium is old monitors, cardboard and gaffer-tape there’s a serious danger that the end result is just going to look like a big pile of monitors, cardboard and gaffer-tape. And while some might be happy with that kind of tired 80s cyberpunk cliche, I’d rather not fall into that trap. I’m working with this stuff because it’s the stuff we’ve managed to get on this zero budget and I want to make something special from it, not merely display my work on a pile of salvage.

The whole point of the TTV contraption is that while it might look absurd, it serves a purpose. The tube blocks the light out and keeps the distance between cameras optimal while the ridged back (on this model) keeps things steady for shooting timelapse, etc. I might have dollied it up but each part is necessary.

What’s necessary about the structures I’m contemplating for this show? The viewfinders are necessary because the signal decays when split without a booster so it’s not bright enough to work in a window. Plus, as you might have noticed, it’s significantly brighter these days and night comes later.

But looking again at the space I’m not happy with that. I can’t quite explain why but I think the models I’ve got will work better in a space where people can interact with them. I’m not working with the window itself, which was the original brief. I need to get back to the idea of people walking by, or capturing their attention and bringing them in.

That’s the job of all this messing around. It has to take my work, the animations, and present them effectively in a window.

I need to stop thinking about sculpture and start thinking window displays. Start thinking about shops, about the architecture of distraction, but in an inviting manner rather than the aggressive shouty shit shops do.

I need the windows to speak a language people are comfortable with but give a message that intrigues them. And then, once they’re in, the work has to be allowed to speak for itself.

Earlier today I was bemoaning the fact that while working in a public building has loads of advantages, the fact that it closes for public holidays is a bit tedious in this season of endless bank holidays. But it’s actually a good thing. I have a bit of space now which will mostly be filled with cinema (Thor!), DJing and burning stuff. A bit of space to think this stuff through.

And then on Tuesday afternoon Claire and I will be moving all the monitors and stuff into the space itself so I can stop faffing and just get on with it. From that date I’ll be welcoming help with open arms so feel free to pop by and wield a craft knife.

Thanks for reading. I feel much better about things now.

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