BOM Fellows: Live R&D (2015)

Group show at Birmingham Open Media, March 10th to May 1st 2015.

BOM exhibition poster - Pete

In 2015 I’ve taken a Fellowship at BOM, a new arts/tech/photography centre in central Birmingham. The 10 Fellows are given space to pursue their own work and in turn inform the direction and character of BOM itself.

Throughout March and April the Fellows are taking over the gallery space with a seemingly random and often ad-hoc collection of exhibits, installations, events and talks.

I am exhibiting documentation of Sitting In Stagram, consisting of a video capture of the process and some explanation. During the show I plan to develop this into a gallery-specific version, retaining as much as possible of the spirit and purpose of the Instagram-specific version, in collaboration with the other Fellows and the many people who pass though BOM.

Half way through this process, on Wednesday 8th April I presented the work in a 90 minute talk and discussion. This covered the varied origins of the work and where I want to take this enquiry in the long term. A recording of the talk is online.


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