Sitting In Stagram (2015)

Sitting In Stagram re-appropriates Alvin Lucier’s seminal performative work I Am Sitting In A Room (1969), exploring remix culture and the aesthetics of image copying on Instagram.

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I Am Sitting In A Room features Lucier recording himself, playing the recording back into the room and re-recording it until it becomes unintelligible.

Since Instagram has no mechanic for reposting (unlike, say, Tumblr), users who want to “regram” an image take a screen capture and post it as a new image. Each reposting introduces generational loss as the image is transcoded from PNG to JPG and optimised by Instagram. While initially irrelevant, the loss adds up and the image degrades. (See The Triumphant Rise Of The Shitpic for more context.)

Decay through user attrition is a rare example of digital sharing having an effect on the file itself. A platform that requires tran- and re-encoding of data introduces imperfections analogous to smudges, scratches and fingerprints on physical media.

This work regrams the same image 90 times until it becomes noise. The 90 images are compiled into a video running at 6 frames per second, fitting the 15-second time limit of Instagram. Finally, the video is uploaded where it auto-plays in the Instagram stream, decaying in front of people’s eyes.

Four videos were made in early 2015. The second video features Alvin Lucier himself. Aditionally, his text has been adapted:

“I am logged into an Instagram account, identical to the one you are in now. I am posting a photograph and I am going to screen-shot and repost it again and again until the compression artefacts of the algorithm reinforce themselves so that any semblance of the photo, with perhaps the exception of pattern, is destroyed. What you will see, then, is the algorithm of Instagram articulated by photography. I regard this activity not so much as a demonstration of a physical fact, but more as a way to smooth out any irregularities my photo might have.”

This happens on the Instagram account @sitting_in_stagram. Here’s a video of the work being made:

Things that are (probably) happening:

  • Instagram app renders JPEG on iPhone screen.
  • Screen capture creates PNG from pixel data on screen.
  • App converts PNG into editable format.
  • App saves edited (cropped) image in some format (JPEG?) and sends to Instagram server.
  • Server converts and optimises image into JPEG for transmission across network.
  • App requests data and renders JPEG on iPhone screen.

The Works

The four pieces live on Instagram.

Image Source

Image Source

Image source

Image my own


Bunminster grid

Helen Grid

Lucier2 grid

Celeste grid


Prior art I wasn’t aware of at the time

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In the first month at least 950,000 people heard about this project, which is insane. (I can track the times a web page loads my video, so this doesn’t include articles without the video embedded.)

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