Cross City Walks (2014 - date)

This project has graduated to its own website at

Cross City Walks (XCW) is a collaboration with walker and film-maker Andy Howlett of Video Strolls.

In Birmingham, UK, using the Outer Circle bus route as our boundary we bisect the city along a straight line and following this line as closely as possible.

The hope is, by sticking to this line, we will connect parts of Birmingham that are not normally connected. Also, by bisecting the city, we will be forced to compare the suburbs that sit opposite each other.

To document the walk, I wear a Go-Pro camera strapped to my chest which takes a photograph every five seconds.

Having done four walks over the winter of 2014/15 we plan to invite other artists to join us on future walks in Birmingham and to take the project to other cities.

Works and documentation that has emerged from the Cross City Walks.


Timelapse videos from each walk:
Walk 1: Harborne to Ward End
Walk 2: Selly Oak to Erdington
Walk 3: Acocks Green to Winson Green
Walk 4: Kings Heath to Handsworth Wood

Photos: Grid of photos in a zoomable interface

Installation: Flatpack Festival, March 2015

Essay: Towards a Theory of Cross City Walks