Spectral Songs of the Slitscanned Selfies (2014)

A 10 minute film merging slitscan techniques with audio-visual transduction. As the slit-scanner moves across the photograph that pixel-wide column is stretched across the whole image in a translucent layer. Simultaneously photos are fed through an ANS synth, treating them as a sound spectrograph and producing a unique drone. You can watch the progress of each scan by the light grey tick at the bottom of the screen. The final image is a screenshot of the ANS synth creating the soundtrack. [Blog post with much more info.]

Spectral Selfies Screenshots

Spectral Seflies HQ 535

Spectral Seflies HQ 438

Spectral Seflies HQ 414

Spectral Seflies HQ 066

Spectral Seflies HQ 110

Spectral Seflies HQ 228

Virtual ANS screenshot