Deep Dream resources roundup

I’ve been following the Deep Dream tool since it emerged a few weeks ago with the idea that this is much more interesting than a bunch of freaky psychedelic images. We might not be able to say exactly why it’s more interesting, but there’s something there, I’m sure of it.

So here’s a list of the stuff I’ve seen to date. If you know of anything else please let me know.


Deep Dream is Blowing My Mind and more background info from Memo Akten is a great primer.

Google’s original explanation.

Why Google’s Neural Networks Look Like They’re on Acid - an attempt to explain just that.

As Art

Is it art? Specifically for Rich Oglesby’s answer.

Why Google’s Deep Dream Is Future Kitsch

Taking it further

Shardcore attempts to use it sparingly

Avoiding kitch. A concerted effort to get away from the puppyslug. Also has a good explanation.

Deep Dream Music Video


Running deep dream on Windows and OSX. I was completely flumoxed until I found this.

Google’s deepdream code

How to make gifs and videos using DeepDream Animator

DeepDream Video

Online Deepdream services