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Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham - lineup and posters

BYOB Birmingham is in a little over a fortnight and Antonio and I have sorted out the lineup. On Friday 29th November from 6pm twenty four artists will be projecting their work onto the walls of Vivid all at the same time. There’ll also be music (I’m spinning some bytes at the beginning before the proper DJs take over) and it’s the closing party for Vivid’s 33 Revolutions series of exhibitions and events. So it should be a lot of fun.

Here’s the lineup:

Antonio Roberts, Ashley James Brown, Ben Waddington, Chris Plant, chromatouch, DACHHU VISUALS, Daniel Salisbury, Dan Tombs, David Checkley, Dom Breadmore, faisfx, George Benson, Mark Murph, Michael Lightborne, Natalie O’Keeffe, Pete Ashton, Roxie Collins, Sam Alexander Mattacott, Sebastian Lenton, Sellotape Cinema, Soraya Fatha, Tim Neath, Vlad C Costache, Walter Newton

And here are a couple of posters (designed by Antonio) should you want to post them to your MySpace or something. Click for huge.

BYOB Birmingham Poster Horizontal

BYOB Birmingham Poster

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting GIFs to the BYOB Birmingham Tumblr from the artists, so keep an eye on that. I’ve been throwing a bunch of GIFs of my own on there, along with other things to do with the Revolution theme.