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Walk On is a touring exhibition of “40 Years of Art Walking” curated by Cynthia Morrison-Bell and Alistair Robinson which I heard about when the designer of their catalogue, George Benson of Stereographic, mentioned it in his newsletter. (Stereographic, by the way, used to be run by George with Sam Underwood who now runs If Wet. Everything is connected.)

Since my work over the next few months is mostly investigating walking as an artwork, ordering a copy of this felt like a non-brainer, so I did. The book is, of course, lovely, and has very nice reproductions of the work in the exhibition, but I found the accompanying a bit dry and uninviting. I’m thinking they’re written to unify the artists within the context of the exhibition, and I haven’t seen the exhibition, so I was missing something crucial. Or maybe I made the mistake of assuming it was written in English when it was actually written in Curator, aimed at other speakers of Curator. It’s certainly a book with a sharp focus and a specific idea about Art Walking, and that’s a good thing. But as a gateway to further investigation it wasn’t working for me. I needed more, and broader, context about these names, all save a couple of which were new to me.

There’s no “further reading” in the catalogue and no URLs on the artist pages, so I went online. Surprisingly, or not, the official page for the exhibition has only a partial list of the artists and no links to their sites or further information.

So I figured I’d do it myself. The act of doing so would serve as preliminary research to see which of these artists was worth investigating further and it might serve as a useful resource for other folks.

I just spent an afternoon Googling so it’s not comprehensive. The main priority was to get the artists website and Wikipedia page. Not all artists have a Wikipedia entry, obviously, but amazingly not all artists have their own site, or their site has no real info, so I made do with what I could find.

Ideally this would be an open wiki-style page which folk could add to, but it’s not. If there any valuable resources I’ve missed please pop them in the comments or email me.

The exhibition come to Birmingham at the MAC in Feb/Mar 2014 and you can order the catalogue here.

Marina Abramovic

Francis Alÿs

Joe Bateman

  • Nothing online.

Atul Bhalla

Tim Brennan

  • Nothing online except this.

Brendan Stuart Burns

Janet Cardiff

Sophie Calle

Rachael Clewlow

Mike Collier

Sarah Cullen

Bradley Davies

  • Nothing really, except this.

Chris Drury

Alec Finlay

Hamish Fulton

Tracy Hannah

Dan Holdsworth

James Hugonin

Tim Knowles

Richard Long

Melanie Manchot

Pat Naldi & Wendy Kirkup

Bruce Nauman

Julian Opie

Plan B

  • Website
  • Narrating Our Lines - “Sophia and Dan (plan b) play back an animation of their GPS traces from 2007 and attempt unrehearsed, to narrate what was happening.”

Ingrid Pollard

Simon Pope

Rachel Reupke

Tim Robinson

Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson

  • Website
  • Video - “Mark Wilson speaks about his collaborative art practice partnership with Dr Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir.”

Brian Thompson


Richard Wentworth

Jeremy Wood

Wrights & Sites

Catherine Yass

Carey Young