Helter Skelter

Sometimes you post a photo onto the Internet and, while you can’t be sure, you have a pretty good feeling it’s going to resonate with a few people out there. This evening I posted this, taken at the Kings Heath Xmas fair, and added it to a few of the usual suspect Flickr groups:

Helter Skelter

And it’s already gaining a bit of traction. We’ll see how far it goes.

It reminds me of when the Birmingham Flickrmeets group went to the Walsall Illuminations in 2006 and I took a load of TTV (along with some tripod-enabled long exposures and other games). There’s something about fairgrounds that just works through the viewfinder.

This beastie (taken with a magnifying glass over the front of the contraption) has been popular:


But this bastard tops them all coming in at 10,656 views and 17 faves.

Spongebob Rock

It helps that it comes up in the Spongebob searches but even so.

So yeah, fairgrounds. More of them I think.