Waves through time

A few months ago I discovered some work by Fong Qi Wei titled Time Is A Dimension where he takes a series of timelapse photos from dawn til dusk and slices them into strips, creating something similar to a slit-scan but different and more beautiful. Notably he solves a problem of showing the progress of time in a static image.

Photos by Fong Qi Wei
Photos by Fong Qi Wei

Obviously these appeal to me on all manner of levels so I thought I’d have a go. On holiday last week the sea was pretty stormy and I was trying to capture the movement in my photos. I wedged the camera on a rock (no tripod) and set it to take this photo every couple of seconds.

Back home I put them all in Photoshop as layers and erased increasing amounts of image from right to left using a large circular brush.

The result is…. interesting. There’s no change in colour so it’s not as dramatic, but I quite like the subtlety. What it doesn’t do is show you anything surprising, but I guess that’s the nature of the subject. Will have to try something else. Click for bigger.